Theralux Spa Shock & Sanitiser

IQ Theralux Spa Shock & Sanitiser is a high oxidiser and a low chlorine level product, making it an ideal instant shock that allows swimmers to re-enter the water within one hour of application.

This product is a multi-purpose sanitiser and will kill germs fast, clarify and condition the spa water providing a soft bathing experience. This is the perfect product to create healthy water that is also soft and gentle.

IQ Theralux Spa Shock & Sanitiser contains:

Tetraborate - Softens, clarifies and hinders the growth of algae.

Non-Chlorine Oxidiser - Removes unwanted organics, combined chlorines freeing up your chlorines ability to effectively sanitise the water.

Clarifying Agent - Gathers fine particles together making them bigger enough to be trapped in the filter.

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