The Vapure salt and mineral chlorinator is Australian made and 'simply reliable'. 

Available in 15g, 25g, 35g, 45g and 55g

Features include:

- Salt operation: 3,000-3,500PPM with built in self-regulator for high salt

- Low Salt models (25G/35G): 1,000 - 1,500 PPM with build in self-regulator for high salt

- Backlit LCD interface displaying detailed operator instructions clearly

- Smart self-cleaning cell electrode

- Premium grade quick connect titanium cell for increased lifespan

- Backwash, super chlorinate and winter mode functions

- Single or dual timer cycles

- Built in salt/TDS test. Water flow and protection

- Automatic battery back-up timer

- Modern, slim looking power pack

- Suitable for all pool surfaces including concrete, fibreglass, vinyl and tiled

- pH Logix Automatic acid doser available as an optional upgrade (VPH-L)

Product Code
VP15 Vapure 15G Chlorinator
VP15HD Vapure 15G Chlorinator - Heavy Duty (Commercial)
VP25 Vapure 25G Chlorinator
VP25HD Vapure 25G Chlorinator - Heavy Duty (Commercial)
VP25LS Vapure 25G Chlorinator - Low Salt (1,500PPM)
VP35 Vapure 35G Chlorinator
VP35HD Vapure 35G Chlorinator - Heavy Duty (Commercial)
VP45 Vapure 45G Chlorinator
VP45HD Vapure 45G Chlorinator - Heavy Duty (Commercial)
VP55HD Vapure 55G Chlorinator - Heavy Duty (Commercial)

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