Commercial Dosing Solutions


The “Granudos Granular Dry Chlorine Feeder” was introduced to the Australian market in 2004. Since itsinception the real benefits of these systems have been realised and well received within the swimmingpool arena. State of the art German technology is incorporated in the Granudos systems, these systemswill not let you down!

Granudos S4-10, ideal for pools up to 300,000lts Granudos 100_S4, for pools up to 4 million litresFor most large Australian Aquatic Centres liquid chlorine has been the common sanitiser used in yearsgone by, but recent O.H.& S regulations has seen the costs associated with liquid chlorine increaseconsiderably! Added with Workplace Safety & Dangerous Goods Handling standards more & moreaquatic centres are turning to dry chlorine as an alternative.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced overall running costs.
  • WH&S friendly.
  • Stable strength at minimum 70% strength at all times with reliable stocks held in Brisbane, CalHypo has a 2 year shelf life.
  • Cal Hypo won’t raise pH as much as Liquid Chlorine
  • Comparison of pH readings as follows ; Cal Hypo = 10 versus Liquid Chlorine= 13 [ higher in alkaline ]
  • Cal Hypo – reduces Acid demand, saving Bi-carb demand. Reduces Calcium usage as Cal Hypo is a Calcium based Chlorine.
When hidden costs such as capital expenditure, pH control & frequent backwashing of heated water to reduce T.D.S are considered Calcium Hypochlorite becomes a very competitive alternative! There is no pool that these systems cannot cater for. If you are looking for overall long-term cost reduction and improved swimming conditions then the Granudos system will do this and more! Contact our office today for more information!