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Infinity Start System
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Infinity Start System

Product Code: PSPL3010
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Infinity Start System

Makes an excellent entry-level start system for swimming clubs and smaller pools. The system features a highly visible built in strobe light that automatically flashes as the horn sounds, providing fair starts to hearing impaired athletes and a visual indicator for time keepers. A wired microphone is included with the system allow a limited public address allow you to make announcements during practice and competitions. It has a false start recall feature that enables the starter to signal a false start and immediately alert the competitors. Use the tri-pod to raise the unit up so all can see and hear the start. The system is lightweight easy to use and portable.

What do I get?
The Infinity Start System consists of a start module with handle.
1 x 40-watt internal moisture and corrosion resistant reflex speaker.
1 x wired microphone with start button.
An internal gel-cell re-chargeable battery.

A additional 40-watt external
speaker and strobe light can be added.
This unit can be added to other Colorado Timing Systems including the
System 6 Computer Console and the Dolphin Wireless Timing System.

Bright, eye-catching strobe light automatically flashes simultaneously as horn sounds. This gives watch timers and officials a reliable starting reference.

Battery Power Safe, reliable internal gel-cell battery with built-in charging indicators and charger. The unit will not operate while charging.

Brand: Colorado
Weight: 4.5 kg
Size: 245 mm x 360 mm x 180 mm (H x W x D)

General Information:

Cover up Jack holes not been used with Tape.

Must not insert Jacks into wrong holes as you may cause extensive internal damage.

No volume for Hooter.

Power Cord - PSPL5007S 3 Pin Cord 240v IOA

Power Pack  - PSPL5006S Power Supply 230v 50Hz

Tri-Pod        -  PSPL301